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Artina Promotional products is a proud second-generation family-owned, woman-owned business. With a history of more than 55 years of providing excellent promotional products and custom corporate merchandise, we recognize that we could not have done this without the help of our incredible staff members all along the way. Learn about the people behind the scenes who provide excellent service, customization, merchandising and more for Artina Promotional Products.

Artina Promotional Products Staff and Leadership

Chris Bouzounis

Chris Bouzounis


  • Rocking it since:1967

Chris founded Artina, (originally Olympic Incentive Ideas) in 1967. Throughout the years he found enjoyment in the creativity and variety that the promotional products industry provided. Helping customers meet their goals was a big part of Chris' satisfaction. Although Chris is not a part of the day-to-day operations of the business, he continues to enjoy watching the Artina family team do the great work that they do. In his down time, Chris continues to have a passion for networking and connecting with people from all walks of life. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching various sports, reading, and giving back to the community.

Click HERE to learn more about Chris's journey.

Matina Zenios


  • Rocking it since:1994

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Matina’s first dream was to be an astronaut, shortly after she wanted to be a pilot, and by the time she was in high school she wanted to be a teacher.  Three years into pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Child Development at OSU, and working part-time in the family business, Matina found herself in love with her family business.  She wanted to be a permanent part of this fun and creative industry called "promotional products”.   Matina is part of the second-generation ownership of the company and takes great pride in carrying on her dad’s legacy.  While pursuing her MBA at Franklin University Matina and her boyfriend at the time, Zenios, started a residential home building company and got married shortly after.   Their home building company, 3 Pillar Homes is thriving in Central Ohio, and Matina couldn’t be any more proud.  Matina and Zenios have two wild and crazy boys that never fail to keep her on her toes.  As in true Greek tradition, Matina’s boys are named after their grandfathers, Michael and Christos, and she definitely enjoys being part of her big fat Greek family.

Shope Harper

Shope Harper

Director of Programs

  • Rocking it since:2018

Have you ever stood onstage, singing solo in front of a few hundred people? Palms sweating, heart racing, voice carrying across the auditorium, Shope has stared down stage fright and survived triumphant to standing ovations time and again. Her family describes her as their fearless little songbird. To the rest of the world she’s just Shope, now an occasional karaoke rockstar. She's the first in her family to attend college, earning an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management from Columbus State Community College. Working with Artina, Shope enjoys that she’s able to employ her training and tenacity to assist her team and the company by rolling up her sleeves and getting the job done, whatever it may be in that moment. She’s not afraid of any project, big or small. Her favorite part of the job, as with every aspect of her life, is putting a smile on everyone’s face. In her free time, when not rocking out onstage, Shope serves on the Emerging Leaders Board for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and volunteers for local community organizations like Community Festival. She also enjoys creating custom crochet items, and spending time with her three rescue kitties, Sammy, Cyonna, and Killian.

Mindy Leveto

Senior Account Executive


Mindy has brought 20 years of customer service experience to Artina. She has a passion for helping people. As Mindy has learned Artina is a GREAT place to work, with a fun working environment, GREAT team, who is passionate about each customer experience with Artina. In Mindy's free time she loves spending time with her children, grandchildren, and family. She enjoys trying new things, eating out, brisk evenings on the front porch, painting, crafting, music, and most of all a good laugh!

Lauren Wright

Production/Graphic Artist

  • Rocking it since :2016

Lauren has a history in Customer Service, working as a Manager at a Farm Market for four years, where she learned a lot about herself... and vegetables! Lauren was known as the ‘artsy one’ growing up and she was inspired to do what she loved for a living. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Ohio University and is ecstatic to be the ‘one-woman show' that is the Production/Graphic Artist here at Artina. She has always enjoyed being a busy bee in the workplace, so if you don’t hear her for a while, don't worry, she's just ‘In the Zone’.

Lauren is very passionate about music and always has a song in her head; so just let her know if her foot tapping is bothering you. She attends as many concerts as she can in the summer and has even camped out overnight in line to get the best spot! She loves to watch and RE-watch movies and TV shows and tends to be the person that's making sure you are paying attention because ‘Hey! This part is important!’

Linda Pericleous

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it Since:1997

Linda has a long history with Artina and supplemented her industry experience with a three-year move to the Windy City. During that time, she worked as a vendor rep so she has a unique understanding of the industry from both sides. Linda appreciates the relationships she has built with her clients and strives to provide the highest level of customer service. Linda spends her free time with her family, which includes her husband and their two sons, Vassilis and Antonis. They recently added Chaos, a Doberman, to their family. He keeps everyone busy.

Margot Engle

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it since:1991

In a Galaxy far away, many years ago, young newlywed Margot Engle started in the Accounting department at Olympic Incentive Ideas.  In the episodes that follow, we watched Margot transition from a role in accounting to sales.  At that time orders were sent overnight to factories and standard production time averaged 20 working days before delivery.  The Olympic/Artina family and her customers had the pleasure of watching her two boys Jonathan and Timothy while growing up

Fast forward to present time, Margot and her husband John are enjoying the life of being empty nesters while both boys are in college.  They enjoy spending time with their two rescued dogs.  After so many years, Margot is still excited to help customers come up with the creative solutions to help them promote their brand.  The industry has evolved a lot in Margot’s years.  Turnaround time for standard orders now is typically 5 to 7 working days along with 24-hour rush options on some products. A big part of Margot’s business today is also custom created products from concept to delivery.  Who knows what changes are to come in the future for not only the Engle family but also for Artina.  Stay tuned for more updates to follow, especially on how Margot help’s her customer promote their brands and achieve their goals. Live Long and Prosper.

Art Bouzounis

Vice President & Marketing

  • Rocking it since:1991

Art began his career at Artina in 1991, working part time through college. He played soccer for Ohio State University and graduated in 1995 with his B.A. in Communications. Art takes special pride in being a part of his family’s business, especially the creativity and service Artina provides to all of its clients.  In his free time, Art enjoys watching movies as well as soccer and basketball and playing golf. Art's other passions include spending time with his family, cooking, traveling and his love for dogs. Art and his wife Denise live in Powell with their twin daughters Demi and Ria and their Plott Hound mix, Parker and German Shepherd, Gus.

Lesley Rinella

Lesley Rinella

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it since:1999

So many years at Artina...who knew Lesley started working when she was 12! She loves what she does because it’s different every single day, kind of like her life with her husband, a baby on the way, two dogs and a fat cat named Sophie. For some crazy reason, those pet relationships do not mimic all the warm and fuzzy cat/dog pictures and video that are shown every day on Facebook! At the very least, this keeps things interesting, just like her job at Artina. Lesley is an avid Disney fan and vacations there almost each year with her entire family. You would think after 17 family vacations to Disney World, she might want to go somewhere else! But Disney is her passion, as well as spending time with her family and friends! She and her husband, Kerry have a little boy named Cash. He keeps them on their toes and smiles on their faces!

Sally Camella

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it since:2007

Sally is a mom to two beautiful daughters and loves spending time with them-especially at Disney World! She is an OSU grad but insists she is more of a Cleveland Browns fan than a Buckeye fan! She loves being in promotional product sales, seeing what is new and trending, and working with clients to help them sort out which products will make the perfect fit!

Jessica Harding

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it since:2013

Jessica Harding’s position at Artina revolves around her clients and their satisfaction. She is their product expert, presenting creative solutions while building positive relationships along the way. Fiercely loyal with an easygoing attitude, Jessica is modest, genuine and big-hearted at work and at home. She lives in Galena with her husband Mike and her teenage stepchildren Gracie & Jack; baby Charlotte’s arrival made them a party of 5 in 2022. She loves her two Labrador’s Remi and Cooper, and all animals. In what little free time she has, she enjoys spending time outside or binging Call the Midwife on Netflix.

Lynn Martin

Accounting Assistant

  • Rocking it since:2014

Lynn is our resident Georgia Peach who migrated to Ohio because of LOVE! Before following her heart Lynn worked at Genuine Parts Company Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta for 20 years. This easy-going southern gal loves being a part of the Artina team. She enjoys every aspect of her job whether it is helping out the sales team or solving the latest Excel mystery. She is constantly learning more and more about the company and the world of promotional products. Lynn loves spending her down time singing her favorite tunes in the privacy of her back patio, but has been known to bust out in song at local establishments around closing time. She also enjoys spending quiet evenings with her favorite guy, Ron, and their beautiful four-legged princess, Roxy. She really looks forward to weekends spent back at home in Georgia with her three beautiful grand children; Shay, Bubby, and Mackenzie who fondly call her the best GiGi!

Ella Forbes

Ella Forbes

Customer Service Representative

  • Rocking it since:2023

Meet Ella, a fun-loving individual who knows how to make the most out of her life. With her spontaneous spirit and willingness to try anything once, Ella never shies away from an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Ella earned a Bachelor of Secondary Education degree with a major in English before entering the promotional sector. After graduation, she had the interest to work in a BPO company where she honed her skills in customer service. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine desire to help others, Ella consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

In her spare time, Ella enjoys spending time with her friends, hitting the open road and exploring new destinations, and cuddling with her furry friend, Rudy.

Jennilyn Turla

Jennilyn Turla

Customer Service Representative

  • Rocking it since:2022

Prior to joining the promotional Industry, Jennilyn studied and worked in the culinary arts because of her love for cooking. Her passion is spending time with her daughter who motivates her every day. She has worked in a call center and as a sales representative for a large telecom company. Being motivated to learn and grow professionally she learned about the promotional industry, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Anna Ruska

Anna Ruska

Director of Administration

  • Rocking it since:2007

It was a quiet night in October 2007 when Anna Ruska’s phone rang and her cousin, Matina Zenios, was on the other end asking her to come to Artina the next morning and cover a recently vacant CSR position until they can fill it with another employee. Fourteen years later, Anna is still waiting... Seriously though, Anna enjoys coming to work every day and working with such wonderful people while serving her role as Director of Administration. Who knew that promotional business was so much fun!! Anna graduated from Miami University with a Business degree and started her career in banking. She took a few years off enjoying her time as a stay-at-home mom before the call in 2007. Both of her children choose medical paths to pursue as their careers, her son is a resident physician in Chicago and her daughter is a RN at Grant Medical Hospital. Anna and her husband Harry are extremely proud of both of them and now have a lifetime of medical care and advice! Anna enjoys reading, travelling, and spending time with her big fat Greek family.

*Anna was recognized as a PPB Service Superhero in 2021

Casey Kaya

Senior Account Executive

  • Rocking it since :2014

Before becoming a savvy B2B sales professional, Casey studied at Bowling Green State University and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality. She started her career in food & beverage sales, working in the Luxury Hotel market in Miami, Florida. Once realizing she can’t beat the Buckeye State, she returned back to Ohio and found herself here at Artina. She is passionate for the Columbus-based grassroots fundraiser Pelotonia and participates each year to help, End Cancer. Things Casey loves the most in life are family, friends and traveling. You can usually find her on weekends spending time with her husband and daughter enjoying a local coffee shop or new restaurant. She also enjoys yoga and local farmers markets.

Hollie Kuhar

Senior Corporate Account Specialist

  • Rocking it since :1999

Hollie was getting married in July of 1999 and in May thought, “why not embark on a new career too?!” In and out of the office it has been many years of wedded bliss! Here is how the story goes…. After graduating from Fitchburg State College with a degree in Early Childhood Education our heroine worked for two years in a private non-profit nursery school. A turn of events brought her to retail where she worked for Payless Shoesource in the Boston area for ten long, long, long years. But you may ask yourself, how did this gal from ‘Glosta’, MA to move to Ohio? First, she has to place a personal ad in a magazine; then a really neat guy from Pittsburg had to respond. They date, he asked, she said ‘yes’, they move, here we are! Back to the story, where were we...? Oh yeah, “long, long time in retail...” after working longer than anyone should in retail, Hollie happened upon a job opportunity at Artina Promotional Products. They interviewed, they offered, she accepted, here we are! Every day is a new adventure and Hollie truly has enjoyed providing stability and superior customer service to her clients and intends to continue doing so for many years to come.

Jennifer Tipple

Vice President of Finance & Operations

  • Rocking it since :2002

Jen has been destined for greatness since the day she entered the doors of Artina Promotional Products. Since joining the Artina team in June of 2002, she has maneuvered through every department.  Her initial post was “Director of First Impressions”;  when she was ready for the next step, Jen became our Billing Administrator.  Again, looking for more challenges to her daily schedule, she moved to Sales, first in the Customer Service Department then as a Sales Representative.  Always willing to be a team player, Jen moved back to the Support department to fulfill a need in the Accounting Department.  Leaving the always changing world of sales, Jen threw herself completely into all things finance and has soared ever since.   When a full-time career as Artina’s Finance Executive left Jen wanting more from life, she married her best friend, Brad.  Together they have taken on the challenges of family life with their two beautiful boys Griffin and Grayson.  Jen is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the company; there are not many questions to which she does not have the answer and is always willing to assist with her knowledge in any situation that arises.  It is said that no one likes a ‘know it all’, but her co-workers do!


Shipping Coordinator

  • Rocking it since :2020

Kim’s first experience working for Artina was actually in the early 1990’s! At that time, it was called Olympic. Kim happened to be neighbors with the Bouzounis family and a close friend of their daughter Matina. Every so often, Mr. Chris Bouzounis would need some extra hands fulfilling various projects. Who better to help-out than a few money seeking teenagers? What Kim never thought, was that 30 years later, she would be an official Artina employee responsible for what you ask, fulfillments!

Rewind back to the 90’s, after graduation from Westerville South High School, Kim went on to graduate from The University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She taught 2nd grade at High Point Elementary in Gahanna, Ohio. In 2002, her first child was born. She then became a fulltime caretaker of 1 instead of 25 2nd graders. Two years later, her second child was born and Kim remained a fulltime mom of her son and daughter in addition to a part-time Merchandising Field Rep and Trainer.

Come Spring of 2019, after lunch with long-time friend and now President of Artina, Kim was approached about the possibility of coming on board the Artina team as the Shipping Coordinator. A new position they were just introducing. With Kim’s 2 children now in High School she was ready for a change and began working with Artina April of 2019.

Although this is Kim’s first office job, she brings a strong work ethic, an eye for detail and a capability and willingness to learn. She is very thankful and honored to be a part of The Artina Team!

Kim Mullins

Kim Mullins

Director of First Impressions

  • Rocking it since: 2022

Kim brings an array of knowledge and strength, both in customer service and administration with her 20+ years of experience. Her favorite thing to do is meet new people and help others, by making them smile, laugh and see the positive side of life. In her spare time you can find her outdoors soaking up the sun and spending time with her family and their fearless cat Batman (named by her teen son Luke, of course.)

She enjoys boating, traveling, yoga, music and finding new adventures. Her love of music has her singing every chance she gets, so don’t be surprised if you hear her belting out a tune. She lives to make people happy and loves to give. Some of her most rewarding endeavors have included the experience and joy of working with Developmental Disability Adults as well as attending as many Cancer benefits as she can, as she herself is a survivor. “You only live once” is her motto.

Full of life and an energizing personality, she is ready to tackle any role or task given to her on a daily basis, while always providing a smile and can-do attitude. All of this along with her cheerful disposition makes her a perfect fit to the Artina family.

Rhen Zamora

Rhen Zamora

Customer Service Representative

  • Rocking it since: 2022

Before joining the promotional industry, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management, went to Dubai shortly after graduating to work in the retail industry. After 4 years of being away and missing family, I decided to return home to continue my career. I’ve held roles as Administrative Assistant, School Administrator, and Customer Service Representative. I chose this career path, because I enjoy working with people, proactively helping others, bringing a positive attitude and going the extra mile to exceed our client expectations. I love spending my free time with my family, cooking, cleaning, and walking my Belgian Malinois dog Ginger.

Kelly Lint

Kelly Lint

Administrative Assistant

  • Rocking it since:2021

Kelly responded to an ad to help us with kitting and project work as needed. Once she was discovered, we knew she was meant to do more than that for Artina. She brings a variety of previous work experience in the areas of administration, bookkeeping and a Chiropractic Assistant. In her role as Administrative Assistant she helps our Support team keep our orders moving seamlessly through the order management, invoicing and receiving stages. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, including her two dog fur babies Halo and Piper. She likes decorating, and being outdoors maintaining her many flower beds and loves relaxing by the pond at their cabin while watching her husband fish.

Yezzah Velasco

Yezzah Velasco

Sales Assistant
Assisting Lesley Rinella

  • Rocking it since:2022

Growing up, Yezzah really wanted to be a teacher. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and became a teacher of students with special needs. She later had the interest to work in an international business setting. She is excited to be working in the fun world of promotional products where every day is different. She supports two of Artina’s top producers from the comfort of her home with her family, cats and dog.

Ava Espiritu

Ava Espiritu

Sales Assistant
Assisting Sally Camella

  • Rocking it since:2023

When Ava was young, it was her dream to become a flight attendant. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism Management and worked in the travel marketing industry for several years. She also has several years of experience working in the BPO industry, and with belief in herself and some courage, she took a step in the fun direction of promotional products. She enjoys the creativity of the industry and researching new ideas to help our clients stand out. She and Sally make a great team.

Jet Tactaquin

Jet Tactaquin

Sales Assistant
Assisting Jessica Harding & Casey Kaya

  • Rocking it since:2023

Jet is known as a seasoned technical support and customer support representative for electronic companies before joining Artina. Having studied Marketing Management in college his calling to the promotional industry was inevitable. He now enjoys being a sales assistant for Jessica and Casey. Outside of work, He says he has a great voice when he's alone and his passion for music is limitless.

Carrie Leeper

Carrie Leeper

Student Intern

  • Rocking it since:2023

Carrie is currently studying at Miami University to earn a degree in Organizational Leadership. She is expecting to graduate in 2024. While in college Carrie has enjoyed working summers and winter breaks at Artina, and has helped in various departments from shipping to administration and sales support. Carrie loves spending time with her family and friends. She also loves country music and enjoys attending concerts in the summer.














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