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Start Trending at Trade Shows With High-Quality Promotional Products

Whether big or small, it’s safe to say that most of us have either attended and/or exhibited at a trade show at some point in our careers.

Exhibiting at trade shows is a fantastic way for businesses to build relationships with their existing clients by getting that all important face time. They are also a tried-and-true method of engaging new potential clients. For many exhibitors, this is the focus when they participate in a show. You are meeting a lead that is interested in your items/services, face to face for a discussion and they come to YOU! What?!

Planning and Budgeting

Once you have identified the shows you want to attend, you need to determine your budget. This is critical to track spend and determine ROI of the event as well as your cost per impression on the ever-important branded merchandise.  You will also need to determine if you will do anything additional such as sponsorships or donations. This can greatly impact your budget but also increase your visibility to potential leads.

According to industry experts, a quick way to determine the budget is to multiply the cost of your booth space by three. In some cases, that can be a hefty amount with booth space costing anywhere from $100-$150 per square foot.   Once you determine the overall budget, how do you determine what to spend on promos? Ultimately, that is up to you and your team but 5-7% of the entire budget is the industry standard.

When determining your promo budget, it is important to take a big picture approach. Consider branded apparel for the booth staff. This creates a cohesive look and makes your team easy to spot for attendees. Your booth display should also be visually appealing and stand out.  You can add table throws, backdrops, pop up banners, flags and more.  You also need to consider traffic builders and giveaways.  Coordinating your giveaways with the show theme (if there is one) can be a fun way to attract attendees to your booth.

The Power of Booth Giveaways

Booth giveaways play a vital role in the trade show world. Remember, your giveaway does not have to be expensive, just impactful. Take the example below from an Artina customer.

This client previously used a neutral gray shopping tote for their conference giveaway. It was a standard bag with one color imprint on both sides, the customer logo on one side and sponsor logo on the other. She knew that she wanted to improve the bag but was not sure she could make any real improvements given her budget.

The Artina team went to work and even looked at the conference microsite to get ideas. The client’s response was more than favorable. She described the bag as “a beautifully designed colorful bag – which promoted our brand, reinforced the conference branding and beautifully showcased the sponsor. On the sides of the bags, we used QR codes to promote the following year’s conference and on the other side, we promoted our social media. The logo was even on the bottom of the bag. So, we were using all sides of the bag to work for us.”

“We got so much praise on site from the attendees, and the sponsor quickly signed up for the tote bag sponsorship for the following year.  The staff was so impressed with my team, and everyone was shocked I could make such an improvement,” said the customer.

Remember that the most memorable giveaways are those that are thoughtfully crafted and designed with care, regardless of the budget. A well-considered product speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

From breathtaking booth displays to appealing apparel, we create promotional products that keep your brand top of mind. Contact our experts today and let’s ensure you leave a lasting impression at your next trade show event!

Exceptional Displays Done Your Way!

When it comes to exhibiting at trade shows, conferences and other events, don’t just blend in with the crowd – stand out and lure in attendees with well-crafted, timeless products that promote your organization. With promotional products that include stylish signage, beautiful banners and dazzling displays, we can help turn the foot traffic at any event into new customer magic!

Be the company that everyone is buzzing about at your next event! Check out our display and signage products. Contact us for more information and make sure all eyes are on your company.

Unite in Style and Success!

It’s time to dress your team for success in pieces that build unity. The apparel pieces in our latest collection, Industry Dress Code, highlight the wide variety of workwear apparel from construction sites to boardrooms. These items not only emphasize their utilitarian purposes but their unique aesthetic as well. From chef pants to safety vests, these products are tailor-made for your teams.

Artina Promotional Products has work apparel for every environment and every industry. Check out our latest collection of industry dress code apparel and contact us to ensure your team stands out!

Spring Into Style With Artina Promotional Products!

Spring has finally sprung, bringing the long Winter season to a close.

If you are anything like the team at Artina, you are as eager to enjoy the great outdoors as we are.

Did you know that being outside has considerable health benefits for you and your family?

From living a healthier lifestyle to family bonding, being outside can get you active and allow you and your family to unwind and relax. Since COVID, there has been a significant increase in the number of people participating in outdoor activities. Let’s face it, during COVID that is all we could do…go outside.

The list of outdoor activities is limitless…picnics, hiking, walks, swimming, golf, tennis, gardening, we could go on forever naming them. What’s important is to find something that you enjoy either by yourself or with others.

Who does not want happier, healthier co-workers, family members and employees? Studies have shown that physical activity and being outside boosts mood and mental health. Encourage your team to participate in community fund raising walks and runs. How about gifting them a pickleball set to get them started?

If golf is your game, we have you covered. From balls to clubs and everything in between, getting your clients and team out on the course will benefit everyone. While golf is not relaxing for everyone, many appreciate being out on the gorgeous courses chasing that little white ball.

Outdoor activities do not need to be physically strenuous to be beneficial. Take a picnic with your family, work in the yard, all are great outdoor activities that can be relaxing and lift your spirits. According to a recent study, hearing birds sing lowers anxiety and traffic noise increases it. So, let’s get outside so we can hear more birds singing!

With the uptick in outdoor activities, retailers like REI and L.L. Bean have seen a resurgence in camping and outdoor gear. The promotional products industry has followed suit with a range of items for whatever your outdoor activity of choice is. What a great way to promote your brand away from the work environment.

By gifting something that your intended audience will use away from work will build an endless supply of goodwill. Isn’t that what we want? We want your promotional items to be used and create a positive feeling around your brand every time someone sees them.

Your brand is our passion! As we move into spring, let’s find creative ways to rejuvenate, refresh and ensure your brand is remembered! Contact our sales experts at (800) 433-5587.

Put Your Brand on a Bag

Promotional bags are a practical, versatile and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. They can essentially be thought of as eco-friendly, walking billboards for your company, creating buzz wherever their journey takes them! At Artina Promotional Products, we have a variety of promotional bag types and styles that are useful for any occasion, including totes, coolers, lunch bags, backpacks, outdoor bags and more.

Check out these impressive statistics that prove the power of promotional bag promotion!

Artina Promotional Products is ready to help your company stand out from the crowd with promotional products that leave a lasting impression. Check out our wide selection and contact us to get the process started!

New Year, New Products!

New Year, New Products!

We recently had a conversation at the office about how long can you say Happy New Year to someone without it being weird?  We didn’t really arrive at an answer, so we are going to say it again now.  Happy New Year!

The new year brings a slew of new products to the promotional products industry.  This is the time of year that the Artina team gets excited for.  Learning about all the new, fun products and trends that are driving promotional products this year.

Several members of the team were able to attend the PPAI show in Las Vegas earlier this month.  Suppliers from across the country were there to showcase their new products for 2024.

Since the pandemic, we have seen a shift in promotional products that more accurately reflect how people are living their lives.  Our partners have taken the things that have become more meaningful to us and translated that to the world of promotional products.

People are more connected to the outdoors, work-life balance has gained new importance and people are prioritizing experiences and quality travel over cheap trips.  Our supplier partners have taken these trends and integrated them into their 2024 product launches with cross-functional products that go effortlessly from work to home, travel and beyond.

It is no surprise to note that another top trend this year is sustainability and social responsibility.  One partner encourages us all to Think Globally, Act Locally and Engage Personally.  Recycled, recyclable, re-purposed, compostable, all available in a wide range of products.

Surely the suspense must be getting to you by now. So, here are just a few of the items that our team was excited about.

some new products offered by Artina in 2024: FEED bags, Out of the Woods bags and custom greeting cards with a chocolate bar

Take your promos back in time with a Mixtape wireless speaker.  It fits in your pocket, comes in a sweet clear case and features a full color design on the A-side label.

Take your social responsibility to the next level with FEED bags, these organic cotton totes have a huge give back (1).  One tote bag provides 5 school meals to kids around the world.

Out of the Woods bags feature Supernatural Paper – it is sustainable, vegan and washable (2)!

Send greetings to your clients and employees with a stock or custom greeting card that contains a full-size chocolate bar (3).

We cannot forget the custom options that are out there as well. Imagine a water bottle with your logo as the lid, or a school mascot.  Well, now it can happen with these super fun bottles.

Remind your customers of your conversations a week after the show with the new print on demand option, Givee Select.  A user-friendly online store option that allows your employees and customers to choose the item they want with no minimums.  The items ship to them directly and the best part is that it can be personalized with their name.   Best of all, you do not have to gather addresses, colors, names or anything.  They enter all right on the platform at your booth!

From apparel to lanyards and more, our team saw it all in Vegas.  Look no further for the most current ideas to get prospects to your trade show booth, appreciate your employees and show your company pride with the most fashionable branded apparel.  We’ve got you covered.

Check out our new products for 2024 to make your brand stand out!

10 Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2024

10 Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2024

Trends may come and go but thanking your team and customers and promoting your business is always in fashion! With high quality branded products, they will truly use and enjoy, your business will be thought of every time they are used.

Here are ten ways to promote your brand in 2024:

  1. Client gifts – Thank your clients with gifts as unique as they are!
  2. Staff appreciation – Recognize hardworking employees and boost morale at your office.
  3. Marketing and sales – Help your sales team make a good impression and keep your business top of mind.
  4. Trade shows – Banners, backdrops, branded staff apparel and promotional giveaways draw in more booth traffic – and more potential customers!
  5. Awards and recognition – Great work should be recognized with great awards.
  6. Team building apparel – Show the world that you have both a great, and great-looking, team!
  7. Commemorative events – A memorable event or milestone will be remembered forever with a memorable gift.
  8. Donor appreciation – Show donors how special they are with something thoughtful and sincere.
  9. Celebratory gifts – Having trouble finding that perfect gift for a special occasion? We’ve got you covered!
  10. Personalized gifts –It doesn’t get much more special than custom, personalized memorabilia!

Make 2024 a marketing win with branded merchandise that keeps on giving – for you and your business!

Visit for inspiration and contact us today to get rolling! Let our team connect, inspire, and amaze you!

Spread Holiday Cheer With Our Newest Collections!

Spread Holiday Cheer With Our Newest Collections!

Not sure what to gift your clients this holiday season? Don’t worry, our latest collections are full of great products that are high-quality, useful and sure to impress!

These products will spread the holiday joy! They include:

  • Name brands that make a statement
  • Winter apparel to stay warm and cozy
  • Health and wellness items for a moment of calm
  • Sustainable products that make a difference
  • Stylish kitchenware to show off at holiday parties
  • Savory and sweet gifts for a well-deserved treat

Tis’ the season to ring in the holidays with unique, personalized gifts!

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Holiday Cravings Today!

Cause Marketing for Community Events

Cause Marketing for Community Events

Raise Awareness and Change Lives!

Creating positive change in your community requires passion and deserves to be recognized.

With Artina Promotional Products, community service leaders can raise awareness in a unique way that is fashionable, functional and drives your message home. Let’s work together to make an impact with stylish products that serve as tangible reminders that make a difference in your community.

We can’t wait to help your organization raise awareness, make an impact and potentially save lives.

Let’s raise awareness starting today!

Be a trendsetter this summer!

Be a Trendsetter this Summer!

Don’t sacrifice style for promotion — be a trendsetter! Artina Promotional Products is proud to share our latest product campaign, TrendSetters Co.: Never leave the door without them, offering functional, fashionable, versatile pieces designed to fit your style and your lifestyle.

From Vineyard Vines sweatshirts, Champion Ts and joggers, Adidas ball caps and must have essentials like Oakley backpacks, Anker® power banks, recycled grocery totes, and insulated vacuum tumblers, you’ll be ready for summer weekends and getaways in a moment’s notice.

Get your hands on the trendiest products on the market. They’ll be the latest obsession you couldn’t possibly part ways with.

Check out our selection here!