New Year, New Products!

New Year, New Products!

We recently had a conversation at the office about how long can you say Happy New Year to someone without it being weird?  We didn’t really arrive at an answer, so we are going to say it again now.  Happy New Year!

The new year brings a slew of new products to the promotional products industry.  This is the time of year that the Artina team gets excited for.  Learning about all the new, fun products and trends that are driving promotional products this year.

Several members of the team were able to attend the PPAI show in Las Vegas earlier this month.  Suppliers from across the country were there to showcase their new products for 2024.

Since the pandemic, we have seen a shift in promotional products that more accurately reflect how people are living their lives.  Our partners have taken the things that have become more meaningful to us and translated that to the world of promotional products.

People are more connected to the outdoors, work-life balance has gained new importance and people are prioritizing experiences and quality travel over cheap trips.  Our supplier partners have taken these trends and integrated them into their 2024 product launches with cross-functional products that go effortlessly from work to home, travel and beyond.

It is no surprise to note that another top trend this year is sustainability and social responsibility.  One partner encourages us all to Think Globally, Act Locally and Engage Personally.  Recycled, recyclable, re-purposed, compostable, all available in a wide range of products.

Surely the suspense must be getting to you by now. So, here are just a few of the items that our team was excited about.

some new products offered by Artina in 2024: FEED bags, Out of the Woods bags and custom greeting cards with a chocolate bar

Take your promos back in time with a Mixtape wireless speaker.  It fits in your pocket, comes in a sweet clear case and features a full color design on the A-side label.

Take your social responsibility to the next level with FEED bags, these organic cotton totes have a huge give back (1).  One tote bag provides 5 school meals to kids around the world.

Out of the Woods bags feature Supernatural Paper – it is sustainable, vegan and washable (2)!

Send greetings to your clients and employees with a stock or custom greeting card that contains a full-size chocolate bar (3).

We cannot forget the custom options that are out there as well. Imagine a water bottle with your logo as the lid, or a school mascot.  Well, now it can happen with these super fun bottles.

Remind your customers of your conversations a week after the show with the new print on demand option, Givee Select.  A user-friendly online store option that allows your employees and customers to choose the item they want with no minimums.  The items ship to them directly and the best part is that it can be personalized with their name.   Best of all, you do not have to gather addresses, colors, names or anything.  They enter all right on the platform at your booth!

From apparel to lanyards and more, our team saw it all in Vegas.  Look no further for the most current ideas to get prospects to your trade show booth, appreciate your employees and show your company pride with the most fashionable branded apparel.  We’ve got you covered.

Check out our new products for 2024 to make your brand stand out!