Spring Into Style With Artina Promotional Products!

Spring has finally sprung, bringing the long Winter season to a close.

If you are anything like the team at Artina, you are as eager to enjoy the great outdoors as we are.

Did you know that being outside has considerable health benefits for you and your family?

From living a healthier lifestyle to family bonding, being outside can get you active and allow you and your family to unwind and relax. Since COVID, there has been a significant increase in the number of people participating in outdoor activities. Let’s face it, during COVID that is all we could do…go outside.

The list of outdoor activities is limitless…picnics, hiking, walks, swimming, golf, tennis, gardening, we could go on forever naming them. What’s important is to find something that you enjoy either by yourself or with others.

Who does not want happier, healthier co-workers, family members and employees? Studies have shown that physical activity and being outside boosts mood and mental health. Encourage your team to participate in community fund raising walks and runs. How about gifting them a pickleball set to get them started?

If golf is your game, we have you covered. From balls to clubs and everything in between, getting your clients and team out on the course will benefit everyone. While golf is not relaxing for everyone, many appreciate being out on the gorgeous courses chasing that little white ball.

Outdoor activities do not need to be physically strenuous to be beneficial. Take a picnic with your family, work in the yard, all are great outdoor activities that can be relaxing and lift your spirits. According to a recent study, hearing birds sing lowers anxiety and traffic noise increases it. So, let’s get outside so we can hear more birds singing!

With the uptick in outdoor activities, retailers like REI and L.L. Bean have seen a resurgence in camping and outdoor gear. The promotional products industry has followed suit with a range of items for whatever your outdoor activity of choice is. What a great way to promote your brand away from the work environment.

By gifting something that your intended audience will use away from work will build an endless supply of goodwill. Isn’t that what we want? We want your promotional items to be used and create a positive feeling around your brand every time someone sees them.

Your brand is our passion! As we move into spring, let’s find creative ways to rejuvenate, refresh and ensure your brand is remembered! Contact our sales experts at (800) 433-5587.