Artina Promotional Products

Hollie Kuhar

Senior Corporate Account Specialist

Rocking it since: 1999

Hollie was getting married in July of 1999 and in May thought, “why not embark on a new career too?!” In and out of the office it has been many years of wedded bliss! Here is how the story goes…. After graduating from Fitchburg State College with a degree in Early Childhood Education our heroine worked for two years in a private non-profit nursery school. A turn of events brought her to retail where she worked for Payless Shoesource in the Boston area for ten long, long, long years. But you may ask yourself, how did this gal from ‘Glosta’, MA to move to Ohio? First, she has to place a personal ad in a magazine; then a really neat guy from Pittsburg had to respond. They date, he asked, she said ‘yes’, they move, here we are! Back to the story, where were we…? Oh yeah, “long, long time in retail…” after working longer than anyone should in retail, Hollie happened upon a job opportunity at Artina Promotional Products. They interviewed, they offered, she accepted, here we are! Every day is a new adventure and Hollie truly has enjoyed providing stability and superior customer service to her clients and intends to continue doing so for many years to come.