Artina Promotional Products

Lauren Wright

Production/Graphic Artist

Rocking it since: 2016

Lauren has a history in Customer Service, working as a Manager at a Farm Market for four years, where she learned a lot about herself… and vegetables! Lauren was known as the ‘artsy one’ growing up and she was inspired to do what she loved for a living. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Ohio University and is ecstatic to be the ‘one-woman show’ that is the Production/Graphic Artist here at Artina. She has always enjoyed being a busy bee in the workplace, so if you don’t hear her for a while, don’t worry, she’s just ‘In the Zone’.

Lauren is very passionate about music and always has a song in her head; so just let her know if her foot tapping is bothering you. She attends as many concerts as she can in the summer and has even camped out overnight in line to get the best spot! She loves to watch and RE-watch movies and TV shows and tends to be the person that’s making sure you are paying attention because ‘Hey! This part is important!’